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The popularity of VPN services has increased over the last few years, with the help of different factors that include the expansion of technology, online attacks and the information exposed by Edward Snowden. Connecting to internet allows us to get access to a wide selection of information, entertainment, communication solutions and much more. However, it can also compromise our privacy as large corporations and government agencies are trying to track our movements on internet.

Using a VPN can help us to protect our privacy, but there are so many solutions available, that it can be difficult to choose one. Many providers have developed their own VPN clients, which can simplify the setting up process and make the overall experience easier for users. While the selection of a VPN will depend on your specific needs, there are some features that you can look for and that will help you to make the final decision.

A great VPN software is likely to have a killswitch, which terminates the internet connection, in case your VPN service suddenly drops. This will ensure that your actual IP address is not exposed. Another option that is is important to have is DNS leak protection to avoid that your IP address is always protected when you are connected to internet. Port Forwarding will allow you to connect through connect using several ports, which is convenient in case some of them are blocked.

Additionally, you should look for a VPN service that allows you to switch between different encryption protocols to suit different tasks. Getting an overview of server status, speed and other statistics is also essential. Auto-login/ auto-connect option should also be available. Finally, since mobile devices are highly popular and convenient, it is also a good idea to opt for a provider that offers dedicated apps for platforms like Android and iOS.

While dedicated software is not the only option to enhance your online security, it will make things simple and will allow you to enjoy the protection and flexibility that a VPN offers without hassle. The best providers are recognized for featuring high quality VPN clients that offer remarkable functionality, making the users’ experience more enjoyable. In this list, we will go through some of the options that combine top technology, ease of use and features that will protect your privacy.

Here are some of the providers with the best VPN software.


This Panama-based provider has clients for all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. The software has a high level of quality and is easy to use, allowing you to select the security features available without hassle. With NordVPN you can enjoy DNS leak protection, killswitch technology and the possibility of using Tor over VPN for enhanced protection. Their strong no logs policy is another appealing aspect of NordVPN.


It is not a coincidence that ExpressVPN is regularly featured on the list of the best VPN solutions available for different needs. Their impressive VPN client and remarkable customer support have ensured that this provider enjoys a high level of popularity in the industry. While the price of the plans is on the high side, it is an investment worth considering since you can be sure to get a great service and a VPN with all the necessary features to protect your privacy.

IP Vanish

It is clear that IPVanish’s VPN client has been designed to provide a high quality solution that is simple and that at the same time, addresses the needs of most users. Shared IPs are supported and Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment, which are options that will allow you to keep your identity protected. The top encryption will ensure that your data is safe from eavesdropping, while the impressive speed will suit anyone who wants to stream content without delays.


AirVPN started as a project from a group of Italian hacktivists concerned about online freedom and privacy. The VPN provides advanced technology and high encryption to keep your information protected from surveillance and online attackers. The software features SSL/SSH tunneling and Tor over VPN, which is a feature that adds a strong layer of protection for your online traffic. AirVPN may be a complex option for users with no previous VPN experience, but its worth considering due to the incredible security that it offers.

Private Internet Access

PIA supports practically every feature that you will need in order to protect your privacy and enjoy access to content that is not available in your location. It is also incredibly affordable and easy to use. The selection of server locations will allow you to disguise your identity effectively and since they don’t keep logs, your privacy will remain intact. While the interface is very simple, it supports options like Killswitch and ad blocking.

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