Hacked Emails Revealed NATO General Plotted Against Obama on Russia Policy

Recently hacked emails from the retired US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, who was until recently the supreme commander of the NATO European Forces, show that he plotted to overrule President Obama’s unwillingness to increase the military tension between the US and Russia over the Ukrainian crisis in 2014. The emails, which came from his Gmail account, were posted on a website called the DC Leaks.

Hacked Emails Revealed NATO General Plotted Against Obama on Russia PolicyDefying political pressure from various groups in Congress and military alike, the President refused to provide the Ukrainian government with military and lethal assistance to help with their fight. Obama feared that the move would escalate the tension and also increase the number of victims in the war. On top of that, it would give the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the chance to further increase his military presence in the country.

During his briefings with Congress, Breedlove constantly disagreed with the President’s move, and it notably led to the creation of stories that the President and the General’s relationship had soured. However, through the emails that were released, a new perspective is seen to the back-channeling that took place behind the scenes so that Obama could start a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

In various messages from 2014, Breedlove wanted meetings with the former Secretary of State, Colin Powell so that he could get advice on how he could pressure the Obama-led government to take a much more aggressive stance towards the Russians. In one email to Powell, Breedlove wrote that he was not seeing as if the WH at that time was working towards better cooperation with the EU and NATO. He said that he frankly thought the country was a worry.

He also said to Powell that he wanted his counsel in two facets. The first one being that he wanted to frame the opportunity of the war in a way that it would be justifiedm especially since most people are now concerned about ISIL, and the second was about how he could work the issue personally with the POTUS.

Breedlove is believed to have e-mailed several academics and retired military officials in his bid to lobby the Obama government into going into war. He also talked to the former NATO supreme commander, Wesley Clark about how he could convince Obama into sending troops to Ukraine for help.

When contacted for comment, Breedlove did not reply. The former general was recently on the news saying that the country needs to start a meaningful dialogue with Russia over Ukraine. He also reiterated that a strong NATO was needed to match Russia’s military power.

The emails were leaked on DC Leaks, which is new database run by hacktivists who have been collecting information on people of interest including major politicians, political campaigns, the military and much more. The website also contains some information on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and many others.

General Breedlove, if you’re reading this, you might want to get yourself a secure VPN.

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