How to fix an overloaded VPN?

With pandemics and natural disasters occurring all over the world, VPNs could sometimes get overloaded due to the increasing numbers of users. Having an overloaded server could cause many connection problems and issues such as jitters, increased latency during online games and packet loss. Hence, through this article, we shall introduce to you a list of VPN service providers that would surely not slow down your connection at the same time would ensure your online traffic is protected, secured and kept private.

Nowadays, privacy is a huge concern especially in the internet world. Third parties, hackers and governments have the ability to access all of your online activities, location and even sensitive information/data. Your ISP, for example, could get a hold of your online activities without any difficulty. Though it cannot read emails nor view your account passwords, it does know which sites you have visited or what have you been downloading. Though you might think this is not much but it in reality this could tell a lot about you. This situation could be avoided and online privacy is still attainable through huge selections of privacy tools. One of the most powerful and the best privacy tools is a Virtual Private Network. It could help you put a barrier between you and third party spies through redirecting your online traffic through a secured tunnel. Read further for a more in-depth information about VPNs.

How does a VPN work?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is similar to a regular server which comes with numerous connections. With numerous users who connect to a certain server, connection becomes more difficult as the allocation of resources becomes scarce.

You will have to keep in mind that you are not alone when connecting to a VPN server and this is the reason why VPN providers would offer shared IP addresses. Once you have connected to a VPN server, your IP address changes into a different IP address which is provided by your VPN.

As mentioned earlier, with numerous users using the same server and same address would pose a challenge as there is a limit to connection requests. This is why most reliable VPN service providers have huge wide network reach.

Can VPN get overloaded?

Unfortunately, yes VPNs could also get overloaded and sometimes it could happen regularly. With the pandemic spreading fear all over the world, a lot of people are required and are forced to work from home and with everyone trying to connect to VPN, it is impossible not to congest and overload VPN servers which could also affect internet speed. Hence what do you do if your VPN is overloaded?

  • Choose a VPN with huge network of servers
  • Switch to another server that is not crowded
  • Use split tunneling. This way you could manage your VPN traffic efficiently.
  • Connect to another server location.
  • Use wired connection if possible instead of WiFi
  • Use different and a faster protocol

Though these methods are not exactly ways to solve overloaded connection, they could help you alleviate it.

VPNs with huge server networks

  1. NordVPN with 5200 servers
  2. CyberGhost with 7,100 servers
  3. ExpressVPN with 3000 plus servers
  4. Private Internet Access with 3,300 servers
  5. Surfshark with 1700 plus servers

Take note, however that the number of servers is not the only factor that you would need to consider when choosing a VPN service provider. But, in this case of trying to solve and avoid overloading a server/VPN, the category of number of server networks is pretty much one of the most important factor that you would need to consider.


1. Does VPN affect internet speed?

Yes, VPNs could affect internet connection speed. This could happen when you are connected to an overloaded VPN server.

2. Can a VPN reduce packet loss?

Yes, using a VPN could safely reduce packet loss but this is only true if your issue is on the ISP’s side.

3. Does VPN affect WiFi?

Yes, it could affect WiFi which is why it is highly recommendable to use wired connection.


Yes, as we have discussed earlier, VPNs too could get overloaded especially now with the pandemic forcing individuals to stay and work at home. This could cause and lead to issues of slow internet connection speed, jittering and packet loss. However, by following the tips above such as switching servers could do the trick. We hope that through this article, we were able to help you avoid connecting to overcrowded/overloaded servers.

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