How to Fix Hulu: Freezing Issue

A popular, on-demand subscription streaming platform, Hulu allows subscribers who are in the United States and Japan to stream popular TV shows which could be accessed from Android and iOS mobile devices. Although Hulu is a reliable streaming site, there are some instances when issues arise. Through this article, we shall discuss how to troubleshoot the issue of Hulu freezing.

How to Fix Hulu’s Freezing Issue

As most IT personnel would suggest, before doing anything else to troubleshoot, you should try to restart your computer first. This would usually solve most issues that have been caused by minor software issue/s.

Hulu freezes due to several factors. It could be caused by a browser or app issue or it could be your device that you are using has the issue or it could also be your internet speed.

Now that we have covered that, let us now go into the troubleshooting steps that you need to follow to solve Hulu.

Accessing Hulu on your computer

1. Check your system requirements- ensure that your computer meets the necessary system requirements:

– Mac OZ X 10.9 or Above

– Microsoft Windows 10

– Chrome OS

– Latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 or Safari

– JavaScript and Cookies should be enabled

– HTML5 should be enabled

2. Check your internet connection

Since Hulu runs on internet, you will also have to make sure that your internet connection speed meets the required download speed.

– 3.0 Mbps for Hulu streaming library

– 16.0 Mbps for 4K content

– 8.0 Mbps for live streams

If you have identified the issue is with your download speed of your internet, try to perform the following:

– Disconnect other devices connected to your home network

– Connect your device directly to your router through the use of an Ethernet cable

– Close other apps or programs that are running on your device in the background.

– Restart your router and computer

3. Clear your browser’s cache

Browsers usually store commonly used data which usually improves its access time. However, there are times that cached data could cause some issues on some websites. Hence, it is important that you clear your browser cache once a while.


– On top right, click three vertical dots or arrow icon pointing up and click More

– Click More tools

– Click clear browsing data

– Select a time range or you could select All to delete everything.

– Check boxes for Cookies and other site data and cached images and files

– Click clear data


– On top right corner, click on Firefox menu.

– Click History

– Click Clear Recent History

– Click Time range to clear found on drop down then select Everything

– Check box for Cache and leave everything unchecked

– Click Clear now

– Restart and/or refresh Firefox


– Click the star with three horizontal lines, this is called the Hub icon

– Click History on the left panel

– Click Clear History

– Check boxes for cookies and saved website data and cached data and files. Leave everything unchecked

– Click Clear


– Select Safari on your menu bar

– Click Preferences

– Click on privacy tab

– Choose Manage Website data

– Click Remove all

– Select Remove Now to confirm action

4. Try to enable JavaScript and Cookies

One of Hulu’s requirements is for you to have an enabled JavaScript. This will improve its functionality and if you are having some problems or error on your JavaScript, all you have to do is follow the steps below.


– Click “More” on three vertical dots or arrow pointing up found on the top right hand corner of your browser.

– Click on Settings

– Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced

– Go to Privacy and security section then select Content Settings

– Click Cookies and toggle Allow sites to save and read cookie data to On

– Select JavaScript

– Toggle Allowed to on.


– On top right corner, click Menu

– Click options

– Click Privacy tab on the side menu

– Under History, click Firefox will: and use custom settings for history

– Check box for accept cookies from site


– Click More menu (…)

– Click Open with Internet Explorer

– Click Tools>Internet Options

– Select Security tab> Custom Level

– Click enable for active scripting found on the scripting section

– On the dialog box click Yes


– Click on Safari menu found on top left hand corner

– Click prefernces

– Select Security tab

– Check Enable JavaScript box

– Select Privacy tab

– Under cookies and website, select Allow from websites I visit

5. Enable Location Services

Hulu also requires that your location services is enabled whenever you login. To do this, follow the steps below.


– Click more on the top right corner

– Click Settings

– Scroll down and click on Advanced

– Click Privacy and security section

– Click Content Settings> Location

– Toggle Ask before accessing to On


– On top right corner of your browser, click Menu, then Preferences

– Click Privacy & security on the side menu

– Scroll down until you find the Permissions section

– Click Setting

– Click Location

– Ensure that Hulu.com is added to the list of permissions.


– Click Windows Start button

– Go to Settings> Privacy> Location

– Scroll down and choose apps that could use your precise location

– Ensure that Edge is selected from the list


– Click on the Apple menu found on top left corner of your Mac

– Click on System Preferences

– Select Security and Privacy icon

– Click on Privacy tab. You might need to unlock the padlock icon. You could do this by entering your admin name and password.

– Select Location Services

– Check Enable Location services box. Ensure that Safari is selected from the list.

If you are accessing Hulu from your mobile device, you will need to force close your Hulu app. To do this all you have to do is the following:

1. Go to settings of your Android phone

2. Go to apps

3. Select all apps

4. Select Force Stop

For iOS devices:

1. Go to your Home screen

2. Double tap/click your home button to bring out the multi-task tray

3. Swipe up on the app’s preview and force stop Hulu

Restart your mobile device and router

As mentioned earlier, some problems could be caused by your device or router, Hence, we suggest that you restart both devices.

Check your internet connection- as also mentioned earlier, check if your internet’s download speed is capable to stream Hulu. If you are having some problems with your downloading speed, check the steps provided in this article.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

If the issue still persists, we suggest that you uninstall and reinstall Hulu app.

For Android devices

– Go to Settings

– Go to Applications

– Go to Manage Applications

– Select All

– Select Hulu

– Tap on uninstall

– Turn off the device

– Turn on your device

– Reinstall your Hulu app from Google Play Store

For iOS devices

– On the home screen, tap and hold Hulu app until it starts wiggling

– A small x will appear, tap the app again and press delete

– Restart your device

– Search Hulu on the app store

– Click on the cloud icon. This will re-download the app.

– Once done, tap open to reopen Hulu.

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