How to fix Kodi Error: Check the Log For More Information

Coming across the Kodi error “Check the log for more information” can be very frustrating, particularly when it occurs again and again. There are two things that you can do to get it solved.

Solution 1 – Clear Cache and Purge Packages

In order to do this, you need an add-on called “Merlin Auto Cleaner”. You can install it from the Merlin Repo, which is truly worth installing. If you don’t have Merlin Repo, it is important to install it because it will make things easier when you need to get Merlin Auto Cleaner.

Installing Merlin Auto Cleaner

  1. From Kodi Home Screen, go to Settings, then File Manager and select Add Source. In the link, add “http://mwiz.co.uk/repo/“, go down and name it as Merlin.
  2. Go back to the Home Screen and go to Addons>Packages>Install from Zip and click on Merlin.
  3. You can find repository.merlin.zip instal it and go to Install from Repository.
  4. Find Merlin Repo> Program add-ons> Merlin Auto Cleaner and install it.
  5. GO back to Home Screen and Program Addons. Select the Merlin Auto Cleaner Addon. This will open the context menu (right click) and then go to Settings.
  6. Select all the three options: Enable Auto Clean, Clean Cache on Startup and Clean Packages on Startup. That is all, your Cache will be cleaned and packages will be purged on startup.

Restart Kodi again and check if the message is still showing up. If the issue is not resolved and you still see the error message, you can try the next solution.

Solution 2: Use a VPN

If you tried clearing cache and purging packages, but you still get the error, it is likely that you are trying to access content that is subject to geographical restrictions, or that your ISP is preventing you from accessing certain sources due to copyright issues.

In that case, a VPN is the best solution. This legal software keeps you anonymous when you are using the internet. It is an amazing security tool that protects you from eavesdroppers. A VPN adds anonymity as it hides your real IP address, which is the information used by others to trace you. Since a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, you can access content in a private way. Others won’t see what content you access or what you do when you are connected to the internet. By changing your IP address, you can also get around geographical restrictions if you connect to a server that gives you an IP from a different country.

VPNs are legal and they allow you to protect your right to privacy. The reason why a VPN allows you to solve the error message is that when you install the VPN in your device, you can select the country you want to connect to and your real IP address will be replaced with an IP address from that location. If you live outside the United States and want to access content that is only available in that country, you can connect to a server located there and get a US IP.

In some cases, the issue is not only related to geo-location. There are times when your ISP prevents you from accessing certain content due to copyright issues. When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is masked and your traffic is encrypted. This means that your ISP won’t be able to track what you are doing and the content won’t be locked. You can enjoy total freedom.

Which VPN do you need to use?

Using a VPN for Kodi is not only useful when it comes to getting around the Check the Log For More Information error. Since many Kodi add-ons offer access to content that is subject to copyright, holders may try to trace you and your ISP may monitor your content and collaborate with them to identify you and target you with warning letters and even fines. Although it is best to avoid accessing copyrighted content without the relevant authorization, its is up to you to decide if you want to take the risk. In any case, protecting your privacy is essential. As previously mentioned, a VPN will help you to keep your online activities protected and to avoid that your identity is exposed. There are many options available nowadays, but we advise you to stick to reliable, secure services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, Private Internet Access and PureVPN. They offer high security, good speeds, fast performance and the features that will keep your information protected and that will allow you to bypass blocks.

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