How to get Netflix without Credit Card

Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world and for many users, it has become the best option to relax after work or school. With Netflix, you can also spend a quiet weekend watching all the episodes of your favorite TV show or discovering great new movies and enjoying the best classics. Although Netflix offers a good variety of content in some countries, there are others where the selection is very limited. Netflix aims to help to prevent piracy by offering an affordable solution, but the problem is that many subscribers don’t enjoy as much content as others. This is why, using a VPN to unblock content from Netflix has become a very popular solution.

One of the advantages that VPNs offer is that they allow you to disguise your location to appear as if you were connecting from a different country. This gives you the possibility of getting access to content that is only available for Netflix subscribers in the United States, for example. In order to stop customers from accessing content from a version of Netflix in another country, the streaming platform has implemented blocks to prevent the use of VPNs. However, there are some VPN providers that have managed to overcome these blocks and they are still offering an effective solution to enjoy a richer viewing experience in Netflix. One of them is ExpressVPN, a leading VPN service that offers good speeds for streaming and that still works well with Netflix. Other VPN services that are known to work are Surfshark and NordVPN.

Since the library of content in United States is one of the most extensive and varied, many people want to unblock content from that version of Netflix. In that case, all you need to do is to run your VPN service and connect to a server in the US. This will give you access to the catalog of movies and TV series that are available for Netflix subscribers in that country. Getting access to more content is one of the things that many Netflix users look for, but you may also be wondering if there is a way to avoid providing your credit card details. In this article, we will focus on the options that you can try and that will allow you to get Netflix without exposing your credit card information.

Use a gift debit card

Many people feel wary of proving their credit card details online, even if it is to get a Netflix account. It is also possible that you simply don’t have a credit card available. In any case there is a simple solution that you can try and that is to use a gift debit card instead. Although not gift cards work when you need to create a Netflix account, if the card has a Visa or Master Card logo on it. An alternative is to use prepaid debit cards, just keep in mind that you need to have enough funds on them to pay the monthly fee.

Use PayPal

PayPal is a popular payment solution that allows you to use your card or your bank account to make payments, without revealing your financial information. PayPal is a reliable payment method that protects your financials and your transaction information with a high level of security. You can create a PayPal account, add your card or bank and then use the service to pay for your Netflix subscription without having to provide your financial information to Netflix, or to anyone else you may want to send money to. You can also use your PayPal account to receive money and the funds can be used to send payments. When you send money or receive money via PayPal, all the information that you need top provide is the email address associated to your account. Netflix accepts PayPal and you can easily select it during the payment process.

Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix offers a practical solution that will allow you to sign up for its service without having to provide your card details or use PayPal. Netflix gift cards are easy to get and give you the chance to enjoy great TV shows and movies on this popular streaming service. Popular retailers like Walmart and Tesco sell Netflix gift cards so you can buy them at your local store for cash and use it to pay for your Netflix subscription online. It is possible to find stores that sell these cards in any country where Netflix offers its services. You can also buy them online from Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.

NETELLER and Entropay

If you are looking for simple, fast payment solutions to enjoy access to Netflix without having to use your card details, consider NETELLER and Entropay. NETELLER is a service with global recognition that allows you to pay for Netflix easily. You can get a prepaid NETELLER card and add money whenever needed and make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. Entropay is another good option that lets you get a prepaid EntroPay virtual VISA card that can be used to pay for Netflix. Both solutions allow you to send money and pay for services without revealing your card details.


GCash is another practical payment solution that allows you to make transaction in an easy and fast way. registering for GCash is very simple and you can fund your payments using mobile banking or prepaid loads. The mobile app is very convenient and lets you pay bills and send money without hassle. GCash is based in the Philippines, where it is also based but it has gained international recognition thanks to its efficient, secure and fast money transfer solution that transforms you mobile phone into a virtual wallet. It is ideal for paying for Netflix, even if you are on the go and you won’t have to expose your card details.

Shared Accounts

Although this is not an option approved by Netflix, if you don’t want have access to a card or to a payment method like PayPal, or simple cant’t afford a Netflix superscription, getting someone to share their account with you can be an option. If a friend or someone in your family has a Netflix subscription, they can share the details with you so that you can get access to the streaming platform and enjoy all the content that it offers without paying or exposing your financial details. Sharing accounts is a possible option since Netflix allows up to five simultaneous connections linked to the same account.

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