How to unblock limetorrents.cc

Unblock LimetorrentsLimetorrents.cc features an extensive database of torrents and magnet links that allow you to find the content that you want. This popular torrent search engine was launched in 2009 and it offers a simple solution to access great selection of TV shows, movies, games, music and more. However, given the nature of the website, limetorrents.cc has been blocked in a large number of countries including Australia, United States, Portugal, Denmark and India. Limetorrents provides links to torrents of content that is subject to copyright and it is important to keep in mind that downloading this material could lead to fines and legal issues. The decision is yours, but if you want to go ahead use limetorrents.cc to get access to media content, you can consider using a VPN service when downloading torrents to secure your connection.

Unblocking limetorrents: Proxy or VPN?

Although you can also use a proxy service in order to defeat the blocks that prevent you from accessing limetorrents, it is important to consider that this is not a strong solution in terms of security. With a proxy, you can only bypass the restrictions in order to access the website, but you would still be at risk of being targeted by copyright enforcers. Unlike a VPN, a proxy service doesn’t encrypt your connection, which means that your online activities can still be seen by third parties. Copyright owners are constantly monitoring torrent traffic and looking for ways to “catch” those involved in online piracy. A VPN scrambles all your internet traffic so others won’t know what content you access. If you intend to use a proxy, consider only doing so in countries that don’t have a harsh stand against torrenting. If you want to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your data is protected and that your online activities won’t be exposed to eavesdroppers, the best option is to opt for a VPN.

Below you will find a list of the best options to unblock limetorrents.cc.


Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the best solutions to keep your online data secure and enjoy fantastic downloading speeds. It will allow you to bypass the blocks so that you can access limetorrents.cc without issues. Currently, they have servers in 94 countries and its customer support is available 24/7. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and they allow torrenting, of course. The service is easy to use, fast and reliable.


When choosing a VPN for Limetorrents, it is crucial to opt for one that doesn’t keep logs and of course, that supports P2P. These are two characteristics that Surefshark has, but that is not all. In addition, Surfshark is fast so you won’t have to put up with download delays cause by the VPN. Surfshark is also a great solution to protect your privacy and hide your identity and IP address. Your information is hidden from eavesdroppers and others won’t be able to monitor your activities. Surfshark has servers in over 60 countries and it has a No Borders mode that is set to defeat restrictions and give you access to the content you want in any country. Surfshark also deserves recognition for its Cleanweb feature, which stops trackers and ads that can spoil your torrenting experience.


Ivacy has over 1000 servers in 50 countries. Its network includes servers in Canada, United States and many other countries, that are optimized for P2P. This means that you can find a server near you that is going to give you the chance to download torrents, without exposing your privacy. Ivacy allows unlimited bandwidth and it doesn’t keep any logs at all. You can enjoy Limetorrents from anywhere and forget about the concerns associated to accessing this popular website. The security of your information is guaranteed through 256-bit encryption that hides all your data from prying eyes. Ivacy also offers fast speeds, which is a crucial feature for torrenting.


NordVPN has its headquarters in Panama and it is known for being an excellent solution in terms of security. NordVPN has a zero logs policy, which means that there are no logs kept at all. Your identity and activities will remain protected and you will enjoy the benefits of having strong encryption while you download your favorite content. You can defeat the restrictions that prevent you from accessing limetorrents.cc. NordVPN has servers in over 60 countries and its client is easy to use.

How to defeat block and access Limetorrents instantly

Once you select a VPN service, you just need to follow a few easy steps to unblock limetorrents.cc and use it to search for torrents.

  1. Create an account on the website of the VPN service you have selected
  2. Download and install the VPN software on your device
  3. Launch the VPN client, enter your username and password to log into your account
  4. After logging into your VPN account, go to servers list and connect to a server in a torrent-friendly locations such as Romania or Netherlands.
  5. Once you have connected to the VPN server, you will be able to unblock limetorrents.cc and find movies, TV series, music, games and more.

The reason why it is advisable to use a VPN instead of a proxy is that as previously mentioned, limetorrents.cc contains links to content that is subject to license and the website is not licensed to distribute this content. When you download media, your IP address can be seen by everyone else in the torrent swarm and it is likely that copyright owners and authorities are monitoring this traffic. Once they identify your IP address, they can contact your ISP and send you copyright infringement notices through them. To avoid this, a VPN disguises your IP address, making you appear as if you were connecting from a different location. In addition, your internet traffic is encrypted so others can’t make any sense of your traffic and won’t know what you do when you are connected to the internet. In order to keep your identity and your privacy protected, the best option is to use a VPN before accessing limetorrent.cc.

Why is it worth to unblock limetorrents.cc?

Limetorrents.cc is a well-established torrent search engine and it offers an extensive database of content. While the website doesn’t host the content itself, it provides links that allow you to get movies, TV series and much more. One of the best things about limetorrents is its stylish interface that offers a plain search field as well as organized categories like Games, Applications, Movies, TV shows and Anime. You can easily find what you are looking for. There is an extensive list of options available including the latest Hollywood movies, independent productions and popular TV series. Gamers can also find many great titles and with the help of a VPN, all this content can be available to you in a secure manner and without exposing your privacy

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