How to install Fire TV Guru Kodi

Fire TV Build is a build from FireTV Guru Repository that offers a great variety of sections for all the family. It covers TV shows, movies, sports, kids shows, music streams, Live TV and more. Fire TV Guru features the latest add-ons such as Genesis Reborn, Covenant, Neptune Rising, Bob Unleashed, Falcon Project, Not Sure, Fantastic, Final Gear, Cast Away, Oculus, Incursion, Fitness Zone, Rogue, Trident, Supremacy and Rogue, only to mention a few. In order to get the most out of Kodi and all the content that can be accessed through add-ons, it is advisable to use a VPN. VPNs allow you to overcome geographical blocks that prevent you from accessing certain content.

In addition, a VPN protects your privacy since it encrypts your online traffic, which ensures that it can’t be seen by others. ISPs are likely to monitor your activities and throttle (slow down) your connection. If you don’t want others to see what you are doing online, using a VPN is crucial. It should be noted that many Kodi add-ons offer access to copyrighted content without authorization. We advise you to opt for legitimate services to access movies and TV shows, but if you choose free Kodi add-ons, keep in mind that you may become a target for copyright enforcement agencies. A VPN can protect you from that risk, but it is better that you stick to options that provide access to public domain content or authorized content.

VPNs are excellent tools to protect your privacy since they scramble your online data, making sure that any third party who tries to see what content you access, can’t make any sense of what they access. They simply won’t know what you are doing. This is helpful to protect your information from eavesdroppers and it provides security to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud. Since a VPN allows you to mask your IP address, it allows you to enjoy streaming, browsing and more, in an anonymous way. As previously mentioned, you can also bypass restrictions. You can simply connect to a VPN server that is located in a country where the content that you want to watch is available. There are many VPN services available, but we recommend ExpressVPN, IPVanish, PIA and NordVPN. They are reliable solutions that are fast, effective, secure and they have a great record protecting their customers’ privacy.

Installing Fire TV Guru Builds

  1. Go to Settings from home screen
  2. Click File Manager
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Click None
  5. Enter this URL: http://firetvguru.info/fire/
  6. Rename it Fire TV Guru
  7. Return to the Home screen and select add-ons
  8. From the top left, click the add-on browser
  9. Click Install from zip file
  10. Select Fire TV Guru
  11. Click plugin.program.firetv.zip
  12. Allow some time for the top right to popup Fire TV Gure Wizard Installed
  13. A pop up message will appear. You can click Dismiss
  14. Select Continue
  15. Select Build Menu
  16. Select Fire TV Guru Build
  17. Select Fresh Install or Standard Install. In general, it is recommended to opt for Fresh Install.
  18. Select Continue
  19. The download and installation process will start
  20. Select force Close
  21. Once it is installed, restart Kodi. Make sure that you allow some time for it to build menus and update add-ons.

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  1. I was having a hard time in installing this. Your guide really cleared up the process. I also bought purevpn because of your recommendation to use a VPN. Its been working great with fireTV

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