Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts that will make things easier

For many, Kodi is the go to source of entertainment. It provides access to many options to enjoy content at home or on the go, since it works in different platforms. Originally known as XBMC, Kodi has evolved over the years and it has become highly popular around the world. It can be easily installed on devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and more. Kodi supports several languages and it offers an impressive library of add-ons that allow you to watch TV shows, movies and more. With the help of Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts, you can manage the software in an easier and more efficient way. It is possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard to control all the tasks. As an alternative, many people use their smartphones, or a mouse, but the Bluetooth keyboard option lets you manage Kodi from a distance, so you can comfortably lay on the sofa while you choose the content you want to watch. Here you will find a list of the Kodi shortcuts that will make things more convenient and turn you into a Kodi master.

Shortcuts for Kodi users

Use Cmd+Q to quit Kodi

You can use Cmd+H and Cmd+M to hide or minimize clock to the dock

Toggle between windowed Kodi and full screen with Cmd+F

Capture a screenshot using Cmd+S

Toggle from Full-screen to Windowed Mode

Keyboard shortcut: \

When Kodi is in full screen by default, you can use this shortcut to activate windowed mode, if you want to run it while you are focused on a different window. This is a simple keyboard shortcut that allows you to improve your experience with Kodi with a single button. If you are working on a different task, but then want to return to the full screen on Kodi, this is a practical solution that you definitely should try.


Keyboard shortcut: P

This simple shortcut allows you to start playing the video instantly.

Fast forward

Keyboard shortcut: F

If you want to skip a song, or get to the next clip, you just need to press F on the keyboard and the video will move forward with 2x speed. It is possible to speed to 4x and all you need to do is to press the F key twice. It is also possible to use the RIGHT ARROW on the keyboard to fast forward the video by 30 seconds.


Keyboard Shortcut: X

If you need to stop the video on Kodi, you can simply press X on the keyboard at any time.


Keyboard shortcut: R

If you didn’t quite understand certain part of a movie, or just liked it so much that you want to watch it again, use this shortcut. You just need to press R and the video will go backwards with 2x speed. You can also pace it up by pressing R once more. Using the LEFT ARROW allows you to rewind the video by 30 seconds.

Adjust Audio delay

Keyboard shortcut: A

In some cases, the audio and video in some shows is not in line. With this keyboard shortcut, you can align them together with just one click. The shortcut key will ensure that the audio delay is adjusted to sync it with the video playback.

Home Screen or Return to the previous screen

Keyboard Shortcut: Esc

It is possible to check the previous screen or home screen by simply pressing Esc key. If you are many pages away from the home screen, you can press Esc multiple times to get to the Home screen.

Capture a screenshot

Keyboard shortcut: Crtl + S or Prt Sc

If you need to show a screen to your friends, simply press the print screen button to capture a screenshot on Kodi. Once you have pressed it, you will see a dialogue box asking you in which location you want to save the file. It is also possible to use print screen button or ctrl+S to save the file on a clipboard. Then you can save it using Paint.

Turn volume up, down or mute

Keyboard shortcut: – and +

A simple way to increase or reduce the volume is to press + (plus) to turn up teh volume, and – (minus) to turn it down. You can keep them pressed until you reach the desired volume. If you want to mute, just keep the minus key pressed until the volume has been fully reduced.

Enable subtitles

Keyboard shortcut: T

Subtitles can be very convenient in many cases, even if you understand the original language. This shortcut allows you to turn subtitles on, or off and all you need to do is to press T. Keep in mind that before enabling this option, you need to add a subtitle for the movie via settings. Otherwise, the command won’t work.

Shut down menu

Keyboard shortcut: S

You can exit Kodi entertainment software very quickly by pressing the S key. This will save you a lot of time and it is a safer way to control Kodi. It is also possible to shutdown or hibernate the computer using this key.


Keyboard shortcut: Space bar

In order to toggle between play and pause buttons, you can use the space bar key on keyboard. The same shortcut is used on both the mobile app and the desktop software.

Zoom/Aspect Ratio

Keyboard Shortcut: Z

If you are watching a video and want to take a closer look, you can use the zoom function to get a better image. You just need to press the Z button to zoom in or to imporve the aspect ratio of a movie or video. This shortcut also allows you to change the resolution from 4K to 1080 and more.

Zoom in on Picture from Level 1 to level 9

Keyboard shortcut: Number keys from 1 to 9

Press number keys on the numeric keypad or above the alphanumeric keypad to zoom in and out on images.

Next Picture

Keyboard shortcut: . Dot or fullstop

When you are browsing pictures, it is possible to move to the next image. You just need to press (.).

Previous Picture

Keyboard Shortcut: , comma

This is similar to the next picture, just press comma or ‘,’ to go to the previous photo on your screen.

Zoom In

Keyboard Shortcut: + plus

To zoom in on the images, just press “+”.

Zoom Out

Keyboard shortcut:

If what you want is to zoom out, you just need to press the – key on your keyboard.

Minimize Kodi

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl M

When you press this command from your keyboard, you can minimize Kodi.

Access an option outside Kodi without exiting

Keyboard shortcut: Windows Key

It is possible to press the windows key to get access to a function outside Kodi without having to exit the program completely. Just press the windows key button to use the menu.

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