How to bypass Limited Cops

Fashion can be a competition, particularly when it comes to getting limited editions of sneakers and streetwear by top brands. Finding unique clothing and shoes for a reasonable price can be a challenge, but many people are accepting it and looking for the best ways to get their hands on the products that they love. There are many accessories, sneakers, hoodies, trousers and much more to be found and thanks to the internet, today, shopping is easier than ever. Still, there are a few tricks that you need to know to get the best deals, particularly if you want to purchase limited items from popular brands like Nike. Usually, when a limited edition item becomes available, it is sold out in a couple days, and sometimes even minutes. Thankfully, you can get ahead in the game with the information that we offer here.

The secret is to use a Supreme bot like AIO Bot and EasyCop when you purchase shoes online. This will significantly increase the chance to get a pair of limited edition shoes, which only a selected group of people can get. You see, brands only offer a few hundreds or a few thousands pairs of these shoes, so not anyone is able to purchase them and they usually are sold out pretty quickly. An alternative to Supreme bots is to use an autofill extension that allows you to manually bypass the Captcha. It is important to note that there are some bots that state that their support Supreme, but not all of them do. The options available include ForceCOP, HeatedSneaks and AIOMacBot.

While bots can help you to boost the likelihood of getting one of the few pairs of limited Supreme shoes that are made available and that every fan dreams of, they are not 100% effective. Keep in mind that IP addresses can get banned when multiple tasks are performed using the same IP address. This is why it is advisable to use a solution to change your IP address. The technology that you can use includes proxies and VPN services. Both solutions will help you to mask your IP address, allowing you to purchase multiple Supreme items at once. Let’s take a closer look at the way in which you can bypass Limited Cops.

How to use proxies to bypass Limited Cops

A bot is meant to help you to automatically manage at least 10 or 15 tasks simultaneously. When you use a bot your IP address is not changed, which can cause errors with transactions. If the Supreme bot you are using is not working for you and you can’t buy shoes with it, then you need to consider a proxy that lets you access a wider range of IP addresses, which can let you carry out more tasks and create more accounts. Having more accounts gives you more chances to get easy access, but to be able to manage multiple accounts, you need a proxy that allows you to use different IP addresses. Proxies are a convenient way to unblock content by changing your IP address, which can make all the difference between getting the limited edition shoes that everyone is talking about, or being empty handed.

How to select the best Supreme proxies

There are many options available so it can be confusing to choose the best proxy to get the best Supreme deals. It is important to select a proxy that is reliable and that is known for its high quality. This is why you need to opt for a private proxy because although there are free ones, they are slow, not reliable and don’t offer good security. The performance of public proxies leaves a lot to be desired and since many people are using them at the same time, you will have to deal with slow speeds. In addition, they feature ads. Here are the features that you need to look for in a proxy:

The first thing you need to pay attention to is speed. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss any deals, speed is crucial. With a private proxy you can enjoy fast performance.

Location is also an important aspect to check. There are stores that have time based filters and some have restrictions based on geographical location. You may need to use a proxy that changes your location. It is worth keeping in mind that the CDN network of supreme has its main headquarters in New Jersey, Newark and Virginia.

Is there another solution to unblock content and get the best deals?

While proxies are a good solution, there is an alternative and that is using a VPN. Although a VPN and a proxy have similar functionality, a VPN has the advantage of being a better option for security and privacy. With a VPN, you can also overcome restrictions as your real IP address is masked, which will give you the chance to get access to the best deals. But that is not all, a VPN also uses encryption to protect your internet traffic so others won’t be able to see what you are doing. A VPN service keeps activities hidden from others, ensuring your privacy. It also defends you from hacking attacks and other threats that could compromise your information.

Although the encryption used by a VPN can slow down your connection, there are high quality services that can minimize the impact on your connection’s speed. Just like with proxies, in the case of VPNs, we recommend paid solutions rather than free ones. This is because paid VPNs are faster, more reliable and even more secure. Free VPNs may use ads or sell your data to make money, but a paid service is able to invest on technology and resources. You will find many services in the industry, but in order to get the best possible results, you need a good quality VPN. Here are the VPN solutions that we recommend:


Speed is one of the best things about ExpressVPN, a provider that is also recognized for its high security. The strong encryption used will keep your financial information protected, which is very important if you are making online purchases, particularly if you are using public WiFi. ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities.


Surfshark combines speed, high encryption and a great set of features that will help you to buy limited items before anyone else. Your data will remain private and thanks to the CleanWeb feature, you can avoid malware, trackers and annoying ads. The provider has servers in over 50 countries and it doesn’t keep logs.


NordVPN is another VPN that will help you to overcome restrictions and enjoy the best online deals. The network of over 5000 servers is secure and supports features like Obfuscation technology. NordVPN is a zero logs provider and it also supports double VPN encryption, as well as Tor over VPN.


CyberGhost is another provider that uses advanced unblocking technology that will help you to overcome restrictions. CyberGhost has over 300 servers in 60 countries and it provides high protection for your internet traffic.

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