How to play Super Smash Bros using a VPN

Super Smash Bros VPNNintendo’s legendary game, Super Smash Bros gives players the chance to find some of their favorite characters in one place. This is a game that is ideal for all ages and skill levels and it comes with an online mode that supports multiple options like fighting for fun, tournament mode, fighting with friends, ranked mode watching and gambling. The game has become a favorite for many, thanks to the fact that it features loved Nintendo characters like Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Zelda, Link, Sheik, Kirby, Charizard, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Super Smash Bros offers the chance to fight between characters and it even gives you the chance to pitch one character vs the same one. To get the most out of the game, it is advisable to use a VPN, which is a highly efficient security and privacy tool that offers many benefits. Apart from protecting your connection from online threats, a VPN can also help you to reduce lag while playing your favorite games and it also defends you from DDoS attacks.

What are the online modes available in Super Smash Bros?

Before we go through the benefits of using a VPN, lets talk more about the online modes available.

  • Watching & gambling – This mode is available for Wii and it allows players to fight for fun, or to participate in ranked battles. It is possible to bet on the outcome and based on their winning record, you can find different rates that tell you how much you can win. This means that if you place your bet on the least likely winner and the tables turn, you could earn big time.
  • Fighting for fun – Just as the name indicates, this is a mode that is designed to offer the chance to fight just for fun. It doesn’t really matter if you win or lose since the result won’t have an impact on your records.
  • Ranked Mode – This is the mode in which the best players can compete. It tracks your wins, losses and also when you tie. Your record is your rank and there are no items available in this mode. The ranked battles occur in a flat stage.
  • Fighting with friends – If you want to battle your friends online, you can opt for this mode that allows you to have up to 4 players in a battle. Just keep in mind that in order to be able to complete, the participants have to be in the host’s friend list.
  • Tournament mode – A tournament can be created by anyone and it is up to the person who set it up, to decide who can compete on it. The host also determines the rules that apply. The fighting will take place over a set period of time, or a set number of battles.

It is worth mentioning that in Super Smash Bros, there are two forms of stages, one is a flat stage with two ledges, known as Omega. The other is named normal and it can be entirely flat, with hazards and it is not as organized as Omega.

Why do you need to use a VPN service while playing Super Smash Bros

With a VPN, you can overcome online restrictions that may prevent you from accessing the game. For instance, there are some geographical blocks that could affect players who want to access the game from a different location. With a VPN, you can get an IP address from a different location and enjoy content that is usually not available in your region. Apart from being a valuable tool for online freedom, a VPN can boost performance and reduce lag, which are major benefits for online gamers. If you love competing and want to get victory, you need the added protection of a VPN, particularly when it comes to DDoS attacks, which are sometimes used by malicious players to affect their opponents.

How to use a VPN and how to choose one

There are several VPNs available in the market and choosing one can be confusing. All the features, all the different promises about privacy and security can leave you wondering how to make the right choice. While it is not simple and the right VPN will depend on your specific needs, we advise you to pay special attention to features like high encryption, variety of servers, software and specially, the privacy policy. One thing that gamers have to keep in mind is that while most VPNs have dedicated software for popular platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, there are no clients designed for Xbox One, Nintendo or PS4 since these game consoles don’t have native support for VPN. The good news is that it is possible to encrypt your gaming traffic and that is running the VPN through a compatible router and then connecting the console to that router. An alternative is using Smart DNS, a feature that lets you configure your router and that supports a wide selection of gaming consoles.

Your router may support VPN services, but this depends on the model and brand of the device. If the router works with a VPN service, you can get information from the provider so that you can set up a connection through your router. One practical solution is to buy a router that is already configured and ready to be used. The best source for this kind of router is FlashRouters. This company flashes routers from well-known brands, using firmware like Tomato and DD-WRT. This makes the router capable of supporting a VPN service, in fact, FlashRouters offers many devices that are already set up with a VPN. Once you have the router, you can connect to a VPN server and enjoy access to content that is usually blocked in your location. For instance, even if you don’t live in the United States, you can connect to servers there and enjoy access to content that is usually only available there. This comes handy for Netflix subscribers since Netflix US has more options than other locations.

How to boost the speed of your connection and prevent DDoS attacks

In order to fix lag issues on Wii U, you can do the below:

Go to speedtest.net and test the speed of your connection. If you notice that the speed is good on your laptop or tablet, but the Wii U is not working well and you are experiencing lags, you can connect the Wii U to your router using a network cable or change the console’s location, to place it closer to the router. Then test the connection again.

If even after the above, the Wii U is still not working well, the best option is using a VPN. This solution offers a better way to get access to the gaming server, which allows you to reduce lag. If you believe that the router is having problems, you can reset it to solve networking issues. In case the router continues having issues, you could tru a custom DD-WRT or a device based on Tomato. Custom firmware is ideal for VPN setups.

How to fix lag issues on 3DS

  1. Start by checking your speed at speedtest.net. If the speed is fast on a tablet or laptop, but you experience lag issues on the 3DS, you can try to fix it by getting closer to the router to boost the performance.
  2. You can also try to avoid playing at peak times, so that you don’t have to deal with crowded servers. A VPN can give you a better way to access the gaming server, so that you can reduce lag.
  3. Another option that you may consider, while using public WiFi in a cafe, or hotel for example, is to use a portable router. This device can also be used along the VPN to reduce lag and keep your data safe.

If you think that the problem may be related to the router, you can try resetting it. This can help you to solve networking issues. If the issues persist, you would be better of trying a custom router, flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato.

How to avoid DDoS attacks

In order to prevent DDoS attacks, we highly recommend that you use a VPN. There are several providers available, but our top recommendations are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Private Internet Access and CyberGhost. They are well established, reliable solutions that use high encryption to protect your connection and that also have solid networks with a great selection of servers so that you can overcome blocks. With a VPN, you can avoid DDoS attacks, changing your IP address and connecting to a server in any location of your choice.

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