What is Obfuscation

There is a method that some VPNs use in order to hide their traffic and they call it Obfuscation. This method could disguise VPN traffic into a regular unencrypted internet traffic. It also removes metadata which identifies VPN protocols.

Why is Obfuscation used?

Obfuscation is used by some VPNs to be able help its clients bypass any VPN blocks which some places restrict the usage of a VPN. An example of this is planes, schools and many more. Sometimes, governments also try to block VPNs and encrypted services as some government would like to spy on their citizens’ online activities and through a VPN, it would be difficult even for them to monitor online activities and block or restrict sites.

Most governments know what a VPN could do and with that, they have created and developed a software which could restrict access to VPN users which will restrict them from enjoying open and secured internet activities. Though this is the case, through an obfuscation method, VPNs could scan open ports and deviate traffic through the open ports.

Is my traffic still encrypted with obfuscation method?

The good news about obfuscation is it does not decrypt your connection nor your online traffic. Hence, if you are subscribed to a reliable VPN that offers obfuscation, do not worry as your online traffic will still be protected and your data will still be kept private. It will also ensure that your online activities will be kept away from the prying eyes of third parties. The only difference is your connection will be camouflaged and will look like and will appear like regular online traffic.

What is stealth VPN technology?

A stealth VPN is a server or a protocol that makes encrypted VPN traffic appear like regular HTTP traffic. This technology is created and developed for the purpose of making firewalls or application not able to detect VPN traffic which could block users to be able to use VPN.

Obfuscation versus net neutrality

Obfuscation could help you protect your data. It could also bypass VPN blocks and allows you to be able to enjoy surfing the net securely. However, you will need to take note that VPNs might not be helpful if ISPs decide to charge for specific services.

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