How to setup a VPN on iOS 8

Setting up VPN on iOS is quite simple nowadays. Apple’s iOS 8 offers a couple of ways to connect through private VPN servers, be it the least ideal, slow, and repetitive manual configuration, or through the 3rd party apps offered by the VPN provider of your choice. Whether you want to get access to restricted sites, stream geo-locked content, and or use specific apps you can easily tunnel through on your iOS device.

Setting up VPN on iOS 8 Video:

Configuring VPN Manually:

VPN can be established via a manual connection following the process listed below;

  1. Open “Settings” app
  2. Go into “General”
  3. Scroll to the bottom to find “VPN”
  4. Add new configuration
  5. Input settings as needed for your connection protocol


Tip: Stick to L2TP/IPSec at a minimum for security, or any other better option. Only opt for PPTP for speed and geo-unlocking content.

Manually setting up your virtual private network requires you to input all details that are required such as login, security key, and so on depending on your connection type. This information will be found on your VPN provider’s website, and will include server IP addresses, logon information and so on. Providers will often contain guides and step by step tutorials on how to setup a VPN service manually on iOS 8, for iPhones and iPads.

There is little advantage to select manual configuration, and is usually only used if no other option is present. You can only configure one server at a time, meaning you’re stuck with that server and location, until you go back into the configuration to change servers again. Therefore, manual setup limits utility and capability very much. Ideally, you want to be able to switch servers and locations in no time, which brings you to the next option.

3rd Party iOS 8 Apps:

The ideal and much more capable option is to pick a service provider that offers proper software to run on your platforms. Almost all of the best VPN services offer iOS 8 apps, and usually support older versions when needed. As showcased in the video, the PureVPN app easily allows you to select your server & connection type then install the selected profile to your device. Once saved you can easily use the app to change servers with a press of the button than connect to VPN on your phone. This method saves you a lot of time as you don’t need to input details yourself & it changes to your connection needs by having all the server options available at your fingertips.

The apps typically showcase things like your current IP, server locations, ping times, and plan details. The best software and apps are well designed, making connecting just click or tap away, and easily configure settings with no headaches. I always suggest you check out the available software to ensure all your needed platforms are supported, before making a purchase choice. The only manual configurations I use and suggest, are setting up DD-WRT routers with VPN.

The typical install process of an app is as follows

  1. Find VPN App in app-store, or simply from the official website
  2. Install Application
  3. Allow app to walk you through installation
  4. Input your login details
  5. Connect to a server and enjoy


Setting up a virtual private network service on iOS has never been easier now that most providers have functioning apps. However, many bugs remain when it comes to OpenVPN protocol and most apps do not offer the option due to this limitation. There is still some improvement to be seen on Apple’s iOS mobile platform that are limiting networking apps to advance. As mentioned above, if you need security and strong encryption of your data, you’re much better off not using the older PPTP vs L2TP/IPsec protocols. If you have no concern about privacy, or securing sensitive data, and wish to use the service to unlock Netflix, or other web content, PPTP will usually provide better speeds, due to having a weaker encryption level, while still meeting all your geo-unlocking needs.

Here’s our review of the best VPN providers specifically for iOS.

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