Snowden Challenges The NSA

snowden-challenges-nsaThe battle between the NSA and Snowden rages on as Snowden vehemently protests that he tried to deal with security issues in-house before leaking documents. He recently gave a detailed interview to Vanity Fair where he stated that proof even existed to back up his claims. Snowden seems to feel that email records will show that he made an effort to use legal steps to raise awareness about the sketchy surveillance programs that were in place. Edward Snowden is widely known as the whistle-blower, but he claims proof will show he had few alternatives.

NSA Knows

In Snowden’s sit-down with Vanity Fair, he states that email evidence proves he tried legal means to raise awareness. The emails were said to be sent directly to NSA lawyers and that challenging his claim will only lead to him offering evidence. Snowden even taunted the NSA by telling Vanity Fair that he welcomed Congress to ask for his written response.

Edward Snowden offered this challenge after the deputy director of the NSA told Vanity Fair that no complaints were made by Snowden. This the direct opposite of what Snowden claims occurred and he is also making it known that he has the ability to prove it.

This Is Crucial

Right now, Snowden is being kept in Russia under temporary asylum and is a wanted man by US officials. Even President Obama has stated publicly that Snowden had other options at his disposal, but if Snowden is speaking the truth this changes everything. Leaking secret files might be different if legal steps did nothing. Snowden has remained adamant the entire time that leaking the documents was his last resort. Taking the necessary legal steps was his preference, but Snowden told Vanity Fair that he made many efforts and none proved meaningful.

Spy Accusations

Snowden even made it clear to Vanity Fair that spy accusations are not something that caught him off guard. In January, the Senate made accusations stating that Snowden could possibly have been a spy helping Russia. However, Snowden denies all of these allegations and says the “Russian Spy” theory is completely insane. Many media members covering this story even feel that other questions take precedence before the Russian spy theme can continue.

Who knows what will come of all the new information. For now, Snowden says he is not even in possession of any documents and gave them all away to journalists.

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