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WEDGEAfter all the revelations on the NSA made public with the help of Edward Snowden’s leaked documents so far, and so much more yet to be made public, it is abundantly clear that nothing and no one is safe from having their innermost details taken and collected with the use of online surveillance.  Social media sites, emails, any of the function apps and website services offering cloud storage do not have the capacity to preserve our right to privacy.

Encrypted services grew quickly in numbers from secure email services with the emergence of ProtonMail, Dark Mail and former Lavasoft, who threw in the towel in disgust last year when NSA “requested” its patrons’ encryption keys. SpiderOak as well as Wuala offer encrypted storage services and more hardware manufacturers are now implementing native security to new products.

WEDG offers a less available form of protection by eliminating third party services from the equation, offering the necessary hardware to host your own secure cloud server. Additionally, the device is pre-configured and requires basic setup of device access. The preconfigured mini-server is perfect for self-hosting featuring cross-system apps compatible with Android, Blackberry, iOs and of course, Windows for file sharing, folder synching, calendar and e-mailing.


WEDG boasted itself for being most secure and complete solution to cloud storage.  The Inquirer reported on WEDG suggesting their device to be the most secure for BitCoin storage as well. With built-in PIN or password protected PGP, connection to the WEDG server uses SSL/TSL guarantees encryption of 512-bit with a default of 256-bit. WEDG is compact and tapered in shape, lightweight Linux OS, removable hard disk of 1TB Sata with Ethernet connection of 10/100. Easy to use, easy to expand with, what more can you ask?

Now for the drawback, the source code is not open source.  WEDG Ltd. confessed to BestVPN that plans to release WEDG’s source is non-existent. Working together with private security firms, consultants and even some ethical hackers made it possible for developing Kickstarter.

WEDG’s Kickstarter is a lot cheaper than the Protonet cloud server taunting the same security protection which is selling for $1,650 to $6,400 a unit. The company had reportedly raised an unbelieavable $1m in less than 90 minutes, demonstrating how serious the privacy community has taken Snowden’s warnings.


If encrypted cloud storage is not a useful tool for your needs, a basic VPN service will do stellar for encrypting all your online activity. It will effectively help keep you much safer from various types of threats while hiding your traffic from your ISP or any NSA spying program from being able to view any encrypted data. Picking an effective and tested service is important to avoid any services that can suffer from data leaks or poor speeds.

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