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Now who among us doesn’t want privacy? By Golly! All of us do, and one of the main rationale that we use VPNs, is for this very same reason. We don’t want anybody knowing what we are doing or what we are working on over the internet. We use VPNs to protect ourselves from copyright bullies when downloading P2P via BitTorrent. This is why we created a list with 3 of the most popular BitTorrent client to help you make an informed choice for yourself.


The fastest growing torrent client to surface lately is Deluge. The open-sourced project has quickly grown in user-base for the light low-resource hogging software offered but in full and portable version which does not require installation, great for carrying around on a USB stick for example. Although extremely light and offering less features, it provides all the necessities for torrenting. It does not contain ads or try to install unwanted software and is possibly the best alternative to uTorrent. It is available for Linux, FreeBSD, OSX and Windows.


Without further ado, let’s go down to the pros and cons:


  • Open Source
  • Very lightweight
  • No ads or unwanted software install requests


  • Less features than other clients

μTorrent / BitTorrent * NO LONGER RECOMMENDED – SEE: Is uTorrent Safe?

BitTorrent and uTorrent we’re both largely popular BitTorrent clients and a few years back, BitTorrent purchased uTorrent and merged it into an identical code, making both one in the same. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Although once revered as the best, with the addition of extra “crapware” on install and ads, some say the software is not what it was, but performance wise, there is little to complain about. It can be easily configured for the fastest possible transfer speeds tailored to your connection over P2P and offer a multitude of application and device support.


Let’s weigh out your options with uTorrent by discussing the pros and cons:


  • Fully featured including RSS subscription feeds
  • Remotely Accessible
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Single folder file download management


  • Requests/Offers to install unwanted software on setup
  • Ads (can now be switched off.)


Originally known as Azureus, it was released in 2003 and was previously very popular and offered a much more graphical design and extensive list of options along with a media player. It is available for Linux ,Windows, and OSX. With time, the program lost popularity due to being very heavy and more reports of bugs and crashes than lighter clients, it also failed to update its interface to feel more up to date.

Vuze is quite large and uses up more memory than the other clients listed here (183MB), but has more features than other clients (so much more that it is very likely you won’t explore them all). The only feature we found to be extremely useful, is the built-in VPN protection switch, that will only download when you are connected to your VPN connection.


Here are the he pros and cons:


  • RSS subscriptions
  • Fully featured (way more than the other clients)
  • Ability to integrate VPN Services
  • Plugins to increase functionality
  • Built in media player


  • Heavy on resources
  • Interface could have been prettier and made more intuitive
  • Requests to install unwanted software on setup
  • Crashes more often

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