Best Android Backup Apps

Your Android phone holds a great deal of information and it is worth taking the necessary steps to protect it. Backing up the data on your smartphone on a regular basis is crucial and it is not a difficult process. You just need to spend a few minutes to avoid loss of data in case something happens to your device or you delete important files by mistake. When you back up your files, you have the possibility of restoring them at any stage so even if your phone is stolen, lost or damaged, you will always be able to get your valuable data back. Here is a list of the best backup apps for Android to keep your photos, videos and more, safe.


MyBackup is a feature-rich solution created by Rerware and it gives you the possibility of backing up your device remotely. You can start your backup on your Android device from any location, just by going to the MyBackup website on your computer. With the free version, you are able to backup your data to your SD card, while the pro version lets you use the MyBackup cloud or other cloud storage service you prefer. It is also possible to view and manage your backed up content before having to restore it first. This means that you can easily decide if the content is worth restoring. With the migrate feature, you can transfer the data from one device to another one in just a matter of minutes. If you don’t need to restore settings of app data, rooting the device is not necessary.


One of the reasons why some people don’t backup their data is that they may feel overwhelmed by the cluttered, complicated interfaces of some backup apps. That won’t be an issue with truBackup because the developers of this app clearly understand the importance of making things simple for users. With trueBackup by 3FramesLabs, you can backup and restore your data without hassle. The interface is straightforward and appealing and you won’t need to root your device to backup your apps. It allows you to schedule backups and you can decide if the data is backed up to a cloud service or to your SD card.

GCloud Backup

Genie 9 offers a backup app that allows you to protect the data from your Android device in a simple and effective way. With GCloud Backup, it is possible to backup all your data, including your photos, contacts, text messages and call logs. In order to use the app, you need to create an account with GCloud first and then you will be able to restore the content by logging in to the account. Users get 1GB of free cloud storage and through additional easy tasks, you can get up to 10GB. Your backups can be accessed on the GCloud website and you can transfer data easily. You won’t need to root your device to use GCloud Backup.

CM Backup

CM Backup by Cheetah Mobile Cloud is a highly rated solution that is designed to help you to protect your valuable data by backing it up to the cloud. You can easily restore your files with juts one tap and the app gives you up to 5GB of free cloud storage. With CM Backup, you can backup your photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, calendar and more. Your data is kept in the cloud so you can get it back and restore it on any device whenever needed. It also allows you to view and manage all your files from your computer, using the web solution of the cloud. Rooting is not required.

Easy Backup & Restore

As the name suggests, this app is set to offer a simple backup and restore solution. You can back up your data to your SD card or to the cloud storage service of your choice. With Easy Backup & Restore, you will be able to backup all the data on your phone, with the exception of your settings and app data won’t be backed up since this would require rooting. The app can be downloaded for free and there are no in app-purchases required to enjoy the full functionality that it offers. It is also possible to set up backup schedules and you can also send your backed up content to someone else so that they restore the backup to their device.


Helium was created by ClockworkMod and it offers fantastic features that allow you to backup your data easily. With only a few taps you will be able to keep your files protected. It is possible to backup your data without having to root your Android phone or tablet, but you will need to download a standalone desktop application as well, so that you can backup all the data on your device. Chrome browser users can also download a Chrome app along with the Helium app for Android. There is an ad-supported free version available, but in order to remove them and to be able to backup and sync with services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

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