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Blackberry’s used to be all the rage, and they used to have a much larger portion of the market than they do today. Some people even think they were a little ahead of their time, and with the introduction of smartphones of all shapes and sizes, Blackberry’s competition has become fierce.

blackberry2When they first emerged, Blackberry’s were targeted at business users who needed access to a variety of secure communications applications like email, instant messaging, corporate applications, and security protocols used in VPNs. Because they were so secure and provided a lot of functionality for business users, it only made sense that many organizations saw them as the only viable corporate solution. But things have been changing in the recent past that has made Blackberry’s more secure. Now that they have adopted the industry-leading standard IKEv2, Blackberry users can enjoy enhanced security.

However, people who use older models of Blackberry’s such as the Playbook, Z10, or Q10 lack the ability to use some of the most popular VPN protocols without an update. The good news is that now that Blackberry devices support IKEv2, Blackberry users can enjoy the services of third party VPN providers to enhance their security. So, naturally, we are going to take a look at the best VPNs for Blackberry. But understand that the latest version of their device uses the Android OS, so it won’t have any problem using these services. For that reason, we are going to look at the best VPN services for the models that are one generation behind.

PureVPN – Full Review

Our first pick for Blackberry users is Pure VPN, and they operate VPN servers in more countries than the vast majority of VPN service providers. With 500+ servers in 140 countries, you will be able to secure your device around the world on your Blackberry. In addition, they have a great 7-day money back guarantee to test their service on your device, and they let you have up to 5 simultaneous connections with a single user account to allow you to secure more devices than only your Blackberry. They cover all of the major operating system platforms and are cheaper than most other providers. An annual subscription will make the monthly price a meager $4.16 per month.

TorGuard – Full Review

You have likely already heard of the anonymity network, Tor, but Tor Guard VPN will increase your security and anonymity from your Blackberry device. To date they currently have 1300+ servers in 42 countries, giving you a wealth of connection options and a high capacity to support even the most demanding peak usage hours. Like Pure VPN, they will let you use 5 devices with their service per account, and their service is modestly priced as well.

IronSocket – Full Review


IronSocket VPN is another great choice for Blackberry users, but they don’t have as many global connection options as competing services. They are, admittedly, still a growing and developing company. But they have 50+ servers in over 36 countries and they are constantly expanding. Though they aren’t as mature as other providers, they do offer a reliable service, 3 connections per user account, and a 7-day money back guarantee. They are cheaper than most other providers, as well. The monthly cost of a long-term subscription is only $4.16 per month.

VPN Area – Full Review



VPN Area is also a newer company than most other providers, much like IronSocket VPN. But they have grown into a fantastic service that is perfect for your Blackberry. They offer unlimited bandwidth and data with their lightning-fast VPN connections, and they have servers in 51 countries as well. With their service, you can secure up to 4 devices in addition to your Blackberry, so you won’t have to worry about Internet security problems on your tablets, smartphones, and computers. Lastly, they only cost $4.92 per month with an annual subscription and they have a 7-day money back guarantee.



ibVPN is another fantastic choice for Blackberry users, and their VPN service has many enticing features. First off, understand that they can be cheaper than most other providers. Their pricing model has a tiered approach that offers different service levels, but understand that you can get their service for about $3.08 to $4.84 per month depending on which plan you choose. Another great advantage is that they offer a free trial so you can test their connections on your Blackberry before you make a purchase in addition to their 15-day money back guarantee, and their family plan will allow you to secure up to 3 devices with their service. Last but not least, they have a moderate global presence with servers in 63 locations in 39 countries.


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