How to install Netflix on Kodi

Pretty much everyone at this stage has heard about Netflix. This online streaming service has become part of many people’s daily lives, bringing entertainment to millions of homes around the world. With Netflix, you can enjoy a vast selection of TV shows, movies, documentaries and exclusive specials. The service can be accessed on any device, so you can watch the content that you want at home, or even on the go thanks to the practical mobile apps. There is even a Kodi add-on for Netflix, and while it is not official, it offers a convenient interface that. Since Kodi is a hugely popular media player that offers a great deal of features, using it in combination with Netflix is a great choice. In this guide, you will learn how to set up the Netflix extension on Kodi so that you can make the most of Netflix, while taking advantage of Kodi’s fantastic functionality.

Where can you find the Netflix add-on for Kodi?

The Kodi extension can be found on the Alelec Repository and it has become the leading solution for people who want to enjoy a superb experience watching movies and TV shows. The add-on is available for free and once you have it, you can sign into your account and get access to the content that you love on Netflix. There are two excellent video add-on for Kodi on the Alelec Repo: SBS on Demand and NetfliXBMC (XBMC was Kodi’s previous name). You can download the zip file on this link: https://github.com/asciidisco/plugin.video.netflix

How to install Netflix Add-on on Kodi LEIA

  1. Launch the Kodi LEIA app and select the Gear icon
  2. Select File Manager from the list of settings
  3. Scroll down and choose Add Source
  4. Click twice on None and then enter this URL into the relevant bar: https://www.alelec.net/kodi
  5. Name the media source “Alelec Repo” or any other name you prefer and then click OK.
  6. Go back to the Kodi main menu and select Add-ons
  7. On the top left corner, select on the Package symbol
  8. Scroll down and choose the option that says “Install from Zip File”.
  9. Select the media source you previously added: Alelec Repo.
  10. Scroll down and choose the “repository.alelec.zip” file.
  11. Go back to the previous menu and choose “Install from repository”.
  12. Select the Alelec Kodi Repo
  13. Go to Video Add-ons and then select “NetfliXBMC”.
  14. That is all, now you can start using NetfliXBMC on Kodi LEIA.

How to install Kodi Netflix add-on on Jarvis

LEIA is the latest version of Kodi, but if you are still using Jarvis, an older version of the software, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Kodi V16 Jarvis and click on the System option.
  2. Select the File Manager tab
  3. Select the Add Source option
  4. Click twice on “None” to enter this URL (copy and paste it): http://soullessbuilds.com/repo/
  5. Name the source (choose a name that you can remember), in this case, you can simply use “Soulless” as this is the name of the repo.
  6. Select System, then select Add-ons and finally, the option that says “Install from Zip file”.
  7. Select the source (the name that you chose for it) and then click twice to start the installation.
  8. Go to the home screen and click twice to start the installation.
  9. Go back to the home screen and choose “Programs”.
  10. Select the Soulless Repo and then go to Video Add-ons
  11. Launch Poseidon and press the Install button

How to install Kodi Netflix Add-on on Windows

To install Netflix add-on on Windows, you simply need to install the Alelec repository as mentioned above and then, you cal locate the Netflix extension from the list of Video add-ons.

What about installing Netflix add-on on Krypton V17 on Firestick?

You can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Install NetfliXBMC Add-on on Firestick
  2. Open Firestick TV and select System
  3. Select Settings and then Developer Options
  4. Allow Apps for Unknown Sources and ABD Debugging
  5. Return to home menu, select the search icon and enter Downloader
  6. Select the Downloader icon and then press the select button on the remote
  7. Open the app, select Allow and then OK on the welcome window
  8. Copy and paste this URL in the URL bar: http://troypoint.com/kodistable
  9. Allow some time for the file to download and select install on the Kodi setup page
  10. Then go back to the home menu and type Kodi in the search bar
  11. Once you open Kodi, check the steps that we listed above for LEIA and repeat them
  12. Now you can watch Netflix content on your Amazon Fire TV

How to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi using OpenELEC

  1. The first step to be able to install Netflix on Raspberry Pi is to create a pre-built Kodi image file to MicroSD card.
  2. Download the OpenELEC image file from https://openelec.tv/get-openelec. First, make sure that you find out what is the Raspberry Pi version you are using.
  3. Allow some time for the download to complete and then extract the .GZ image file using WinRar or WinZip
  4. Write the unzipped image file to the MicroSD card with the help of Wind32 Disk Imager
  5. Insert the MicroSD into the card slot. Then open the imager app and go to the OpenELEC image file you want to extract.
  6. Copy the image file to the MicroSD card and then remove it once this has been done.
  7. Insert the card into your Raspberry Pi and open the Kodi app

How to install Netflix Kodi add-on on Raspberry Pi

  1. Click on the Gear icon and then File Manager
  2. Add the Alelec Repo media source using this URL https://www.alelec.net/kodi/
  3. Go back to the Kodi main menu, select add-ons and then click on Package symbol
  4. Select Install from zip file, then Alelec Repo, followed by repository.alelec.zip
  5. Go back to the previous menu, then select “Install from repository”.
  6. Now it is time to open “Alelec Kodi Repo”, select Video Add-ons and then NetfliXBMC
  7. Press the install button and that is all. Now you can start streaming your favorite Netflix content.

Netflix Kodi add-on download

If you are unable to manually add the repo using the steps mentioned above, the alternative is to install the Netflix Kodi add-on from the zip file. You can do this directly and the process is usually way easier and eliminates the need to add multiple sources.

  1. Download the most recent NetfliXBMC add-on file
  2. Open Kodi and select Add-ons
  3. Select the Package symbol on the top left corner
  4. Select “Install from Zip File” to start the process
  5. Check where the file was saved to “plugin.video.netflix-master”.
  6. Click on the file to start the installation. That is all, now NetfliXBMC should be available in Video Add-ons

How to fix common Netflix Kodi-add on issues

Here is a list of the most common issues/error messages that you may come across, as well as more information about what you can do to fix them.

Add-on not installed

You may come across this error when there are repositories that are outdated or that are no longer working. To solve this, clear all repos that are not working anymore since Kodi may get content from them and if they are not available, you are likely to see error messages. You can also install the Indigo add-on and clear your cache.

Could Not Retrieve Directory Information

If you see this error, it means that the Alelec repository is not responding back to a server request. This may be due to different reasons. It may be that the URL address is incorrect, so make sure that you check that it is correct. If the URL address is correct and you are experiencing the error, wait a few hours and then try again. It is possible that the repo is under maintenance.

How to install Netflix on Android box

All you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store and look for Kodi. Select the install button and wait until the process is complete. Once Kodi is installed on your device, you can start streaming movies, TV shows and more, from a vast selection of sources and for free. It is also possible to install Kodi on other popular platforms like Mac, iOS and Linux.

Using Kodi add-on securely

While Kodi is very popular and it offers many advantages, it should be noted that there are add-ons that are not official and that could lead to some issues. Most of these add-ons offer content that is subject to copyright. This content is offered without the authorization of the owners, which is why if you try to watch TV shows and movies through such add-ons, you may face not only restrictions (many of these add-ons are blocked), but will also have to deal with warning letters and even fines in some cases. While ideally, you should stick to official add-ons and avoid accessing pirated content, if you want to access a wider range of content without exposing your privacy, you need to consider using a VPN. There are several options available, but we highly recommend the below:


ExpressVPN is a highly recommended service that is fast, highly secure and that doesn’t keep logs of your activities. It lets you connect to servers in over 90 countries and it is capable of unblocking content without delays.


NordVPN offers powerful protection for your privacy as it uses high encryption and it doesn’t keep any logs at all. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in 60 countries and it has fast servers that allow you to stream content on Kodi fast and securely.


Surfshark is another good solution to overcome restrictions that stop you from accessing Kodi add-ons, and it also ensures that your traffic remains protected at all times. It does this by applying high encryption and not keeping logs of your activities.

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