How to Kick People off Your WiFi

Did you share your WiFi password with anyone? Are there too many people connected to your home and/or work WiFi internet which could lead to slower internet connection? Do not worry, you could avoid lags and buffering as soon as you kick other people from your WiFi network. In this article, we shall provide you guides on how to kick out other people from your WiFi connection for each operating system.

Why Kick People Off Your WiFi Network?

  • Numerous devices connected to a network could slower bandwidth and internet connection
  • Hackers could take control of your network, router and internet
  • Other people could be using your connection for illegal purposes
  • Even when you ask other people nicely to stop connecting to your WiFi, no one would listen to you
  • Your bandwidth could exceed FUP limits which would result for you to upgrade your plan. 
  • It is much easier, more effective and efficient to just kick people off your WiFi rather than asking them. 

Problem with Changing WiFi Password

One of the most popular and most used method to remove users from connecting to your WiFi network is through changing the password of your WiFi of your router. By doing this, your devices that are legitimately connected to your WiFi will be disconnected as well. For some this could be a hassle especially if you have to re-enter the new password to all of your devices all over again. 

Kick People Off Your WiFi Network on Windows 10 

Another way to kick other people from your WiFi connection is through the use of a free app called NetCut. Though this is an older app, it works perfectly even on Windows 10. Its UI is straightforward and all you need to do is to download and install the app from its website . You will be asked to install WinpCap. It comes with an installation wizard and once you are done with installing, reboot your computer when asked. 

Through NetCut, you will see all the devices that are connected to your WiFi network including their Mac addresses. You will have to select which Mac address you would wish to block. Click on cut button and this would automatically disconnect the target device/s from your WiFi connection. To allow them to reconnect, just click on the on button. 


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all versions of Windows


  • Temporary solution
  • The UI is outdated and unpleasant looking
  • You will need to know the mac address in order to block them

How it Works?

Once you use NetCut app, it will spoof the Mac addresses of the router and would make the device think that it is the original router. The device will start sending data packets to the router instead wherein the app will drop the packets which would eventually lead to disconnection. 

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Mac?

Another great app which will help you keep out those unwanted devices that are connect to your WiFi network is JamWiFi. Take note, however, this app could not be downloaded directly from App Store but rather through this link . Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to launch the app by going to System Preference>Security and Privacy> allow apps download from> allow JamWiFi. Click the scan button found at the bottom portion. This will scan all the WiFi networks around you. Select which device or network you would like to block. Select from the list that will be provided by the app. Click on deauth button to disconnect the unwanted network connecting to your WiFi. 


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Could disable multiple devices 


  • Temporary solution
  • Disconnects the internet from the host computer

How it works?

Instead of acting like a router, JamWiFiworks will send deauthentication packets to the unwanted connected computer. Hence, every time they would want to connect to your WiFi, the app will send a deauth packet which will lead to disconnection. 

How to Kick People off Your WiFi on Android

Android has numerous apps which could disconnect “illegal” connection to your WiFi. Some of these apps have the following useful apps such as WiFi Kill, cSpoilt and many more. According to Netcut, they have Layer 2 of OSI model which allows their users to test their WiFi network by finding brand test ARP protocol. 

The common thing about these apps is that most of them would require root access. Hence if your phone is not rooted, these apps might not work for you. Thus, we recommend NetCut as it has a version for Windows as well. Take note, however, you would need to have root access for it as well. Download the app, lauch it and provide root permission. Click on red WiFi symbol next to the device which you would like to disconnect from your WiFi. 


  • Does not create a packet storm to kill internet
  • Control internet speed
  • Search for device by its name and not by Mac address


  • Temporary solution
  • Could disconnect one device at a time
  • Some features are under paid service

Unfortunately, NetCut is no longer available on Google Play but could be downloaded from their website. 

How to Kick People off your WiFi on Router

  • Log into your router
  • Go to DHCP settings
  • Some routers have disconnect devices option on their mobile app
  • To disconnect devices manually, you will have to go through DHCP server or through binding IP/mac addresses.
  • Call your ISP provider, inform them that your WiFi is being used without your permission. Your ISP provider will remotely kick those unwanted devices that are connected to your WiFi. 
  • Remote access is often disabled, hence, you will have to enable this by consulting the manual provided by your ISP provider. 

Remote access is a bit scary as well as someone you do not know is logging into your router. Hence, we recommend you change your default password and disabling remote access once done. 


  • Permanent solution
  • Works on all devices
  • No need to install any app


  • Not everyone could access your router
  • Not a beginner friendly method
  • Another person could check if you blocked him or her 

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Any Device?

There are numerous ways to kick someone off your WiFi network as seen above. Methods could be through computer, rooted Android device, iPhone and many more. You could also try to look for the IP address of the device you wish to kick out of your WiFi network and assign the IP address to your device by going to static IP address settings. Hence, by having the same IP address, you will confuse your router which means it could lead to different possibilities. One of which is your router will disconnect the old device from the network. 

Take note that this method may not work all the time especially if your DHCP server is configured to automatic IP addresses. 


  • No app required
  • Works from any computer or smartphone


  • Could not block multiple devices
  • May not work on every situation
  • You will have to know the IP address of the device you would wish to block
  • Temporary solution

How it works

Router gets confused when there are two IP address that are the same and it will block the internet of either the older device or both devices. 

Start Using a Guest Network

If you do not want other users to have access to your main network but wanted to share your WiFi, you could create a separate guest WiFi network which your guests could connect to. To do this, all you need to do is log into your router’s settings, look for guest network feature. Some routers, you will be able to find this under access control lists.


  • Permanent solution
  • You could change guest network password
  • Guest network will not have access to file sharing 


That concludes our list of methods on how to kick people off your WiFi network. We hope this article has helped and guide you on disconnecting those unwanted devices that are connected to your WiFi.

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