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When it comes to ‘free trials’ with a VPN, it seems as though the ‘money back guarantee’ is the new norm. After all, this almost guarantees that the top networks out there will be able to get some cash if you are happy with their services. PureVPN is no exception to this trend. However, with their money back guarantee they go one step further than other providers. Let me explain.

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PureVPN offer two different types of refunds. The first is a 3 day money back guarantee upon signing up. This means that you will be able to test out the services for 3 days (which is more than enough time!) to determine whether they are right for you or not. If they are brilliant, then you can continue to use them. If they are not then you can claim your ‘no questions asked’ refund (although there are a couple of limits in place to ensure that people do not abuse the system). In addition to this there is a 7 day money back guarantee upon renewal of the services. This is nice for those who forgot they were using PureVPN until the money left their account.

As I mentioned before, there are a couple of limits in place to ensure that you can get your money back from PureVPN should you no longer wish to continue their services. Obviously you will need to claim your refund within the time limits laid out above. You also can’t have been banned from the system for breaching the terms and conditions. In order to counter constant refund claims you will also be unable to claim a refund if you have done so before. You also need to be within the limits:

  • Used less than 500MB of bandwidth
  • Connected to the services less than 30 sessions.

Of course these limits seem rather low. Trust me however, this should give you more than enough time to judge the quality of the PureVPN service. Trust me when I say they are good though. The vast majority of people will only need to connect once or twice to realize just how fantastic they are.

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For those that are unaware, PureVPN is a company that is based in Hong Kong and operated by GZ Systems Ltd. At the time of writing they have over 300 servers in 26 countries. This makes the PureVPN network one of the most extensive around at the moment. It certainly is a far cry from the small company that started up in 2006 which had no real intentions of being a fully fledged network like this. The company is growing drastically each and every year too. Of course, you can expect only the best features to be available when you connect to their network. If you want to check them out then why not sign up to the free trial? You have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so! (providing you stick within the time limits of  course). Who knows, you may find the network of your choice here.

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