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This is our first review of the Romania based VPN provider VPN.ac, it’s one of the few VPN providers that has a payments in ‘Bitcoin’ and comes with all the features most users want. Started in 2012 VPN.ac has slowly but surely got a foothold and a following especially in regions in and around Germany and Romania.

Romania has been recently inducted in the EU (European Union). Although some rules in place require data collection, no current laws are being enforced affecting VPN services.  This means no traffic logs matched with reliability for a high level of privacy and security. Their website may seem simple and unimpressive but has a rather elaborate FAQ section and the service was really good.


One of the best features VPN.ac offers, is 3 simultaneous connections, regardless of the plan you pick. It provides all the three VPN Protocols PPTP, L2TP/ISEC and Open VPN in TCP and UDN. Most of their servers are 1-gigabit with unlimited bandwidth spread across 10 countries – US, UK, CH, NL, RO, SE, FR, DE, CA and HK providing good speeds at peak-load times. P2P is allowed on Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and Luxembourg nodes ensuring that your data transfers retain the highest security standard they can geographically offer.

VPN.ac only offers up to 1 TB of data transfer per month, on all the plans offered. This might be satisfactory for an average user but not necessarily for P2P or video streaming for a family of 5. Fair enough. The average user has no reason to consider needing more bandwidth but what if he happens to go over? VPN.ac does not have a cap on your downloading and even says they will not charge extra fees if you’ve gone over the limit by a “reasonable amount”  They do say that amounts over 25% or consistent overage may incur an extra fee. This answer leaves me wanting to know clearly what the pricing policies are on surpassing transfer limits by over 25%, but at least we can rest assured that minor accidental over usage will not be charged.

They offer their own Windows software client, but unfortunately have not yet finished developing software for Mac or mobile platforms. The software offers a no hassle connection layout. Just a click before establishing the connection on any of the protocols, but overall OpenVPN is always a great and more secure choice these days.


VPN.ac ensures privacy and doesn’t keep any logs of user activity or data transfers. The only logs that are kept are of connection history for 1 day only for effective troubleshooting purposes. They pride themselves in their roots, Netsec Interactive Solutions, an IT security firm established in Romania back in 2009 which now operates VPN.ac. Boasting their security certificates, they have an upper edge understanding the weak points in VPN infrastructure.

VPN.ac uses OpenVPN cipher of AES-256-CBC. They also provide the L2TP/ IPSEC encryption of 256 bit. The better part of security feature in VPN.ac lies in it using 4096 bit RSA key size, which is very hard to be cracked or breached into ensuring the users complete security. These security features are currently being upgraded on all the servers as they previously used lower security standards. Clients of VPN.ac also have the option to use lower security standards if they wish to try to increase speed, but as always we highly suggest sticking to OpenVPN.

Taking it a step further, VPN.ac operates a self-hosted DNS service providing private DNS resolvers when browsing. All DNS queries are encrypted for the users at AES128-bit. No logs are kept on DNS queries.

Speed & Stability:

Mostly the speeds depend on server to server and country to country basis but overall we found the speeds to be satisfying across most of the servers we tried. We signed up for their 2$ trial and after a week of using the service, we had no drops and speeds we’re stable. Although we have had faster speed tests, the loss was about 4-8% in most cases. We only tested with OpenVPN and found the speeds in the US to be good. With that said, we believe this is a much better pick for European users and should yield better results as well. The private DNS resolution hosted by VPN.ac can possibly speed up browsing at times as well.

VPN.ac also provides ‘VPN nodes status’ through which clients can see the load that each server is processing and generally there isn’t any Server downtime to be faced while connecting. Most of the servers run by VPN.ac work generally on medium to low load capacities, making the access and connections highly stable at this time.


Very competitive pricing from VPN.ac on the longer term packages. The standard pricing is $9 per month which includes a 7 day risk-free money back policy as well. The 3 months package of the same plan comes at $24 ($8 per month), the 6 months comes at $36 ($6 per month) and the 12 months package comes at $ 58 ($4.80 per month). When it comes to comparison with other VPN providers $4.80 per month is as cheap as it can get and is pretty lucrative for users who want to take the services for a long period of time. There is the small contingency that the user does not surpass 25% of 1TB per month (which is a terribly large amount of data for most people) before being warned of extra charges, from what we are able to get out of the FAQ page.

Customer Service:

VPN.ac really surprised us with its robust customer support. There’s 4 ways to reach the support; by submitting a ticket on their website, through Skype, through email and through live chat that is available on their website between 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. (GMT). The email support is prompt just like the ticket submission on their website. Live chat is also very useful for users looking for immediate problem solutions and Skype chat is great for existing users.

The site has a heap of information in its ‘Tutorials’ sections which answer all the problems associated with operating systems – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and also includes tutorials for setting up the VPN connections, network routers , DNS leak checking/stopping and IP leak protection scripts. The FAQ section on the website also covers all the areas a new user may want to find about before going for their services which include questions regarding the security and service and compatibility of their service explained in detail. We recommend a user going for a new VPN provider to check VPN.ac and go through its FAQ section which might answer all their questions and help them in making an informed choice.


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