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SSLPrivateProxy offers a high level of anonymity and it is a leading special use private proxy and VPN provider. In each service, it offers shared, as well as private access, which makes it a versatile solution for different needs. Whether you want a shared or private VPN, or a shared or private proxy, this company deserves to be taken into consideration. The provider focuses on offering a good experience for its customers, offering strong support and a wide range of customized services. Here we will take a closer look at what SSLPrivateProxy has to offer.


Private and shared VPNs are available with SSLPrivateProxy. The main difference between these two is who can connect and use the VPN. In the case of a private or dedicated VPN, only one user is able to get access, while a shared VPN can be used by up to 3 people. The protocols supported by SSLPrivateProxy are PPTP and OpenVPN. It should be notes that although the first one is easy to set up, the second one is the best option in terms of security and stability. VPNs are trusted by users around the world thanks to the fact that they provide better security. In addition they are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. With a VPN, you can secure torrent and P2P data transfer, bypass blocks that prevent you from accessing websites and application, and you can also protect your data from eavesdroppers. It is an effective tool to defeat online censorship and protect your privacy.

Private Proxies

Although VPNs are the ideal solution for users who want a high level of security, Private proxies is what SSLPrivateProxy does best. With this technology, it is possible to connect to certain online services fast, even if they are blocked in your location. As previously mentioned, there are two types of proxies available: shared and dedicated ones. These two types are HTTPS proxies, which means that through them, a user can connect to any online service using secure HTTPS protocol. SSLPrivateProxy focuses on private proxies for special use. You may be wondering, what does a special use mean. Well, this refers to the fact that these proxies are designed to connect to a specific online service.

In essence, special use proxies are HTTPS private dedicated proxies that can only be used by one user. A while ago, many proxy providers offered only private proxies for renting. However, due to poor proxy allocation, many users started coming across challenges to connect to the online platform of your choice. Just a handful of providers realized that more and more users were having issues and decided to offer special use proxies. SSLPrivateProxy is one of those providers. They started by assigning proxies based on the proxy history and on the requirements of their users. In addition, they started offering virgin proxies to improve the quality of their service.

Virgin Proxies

All the special use proxies that SSLPrivateProxy offers are virgin proxies, which means that they haven’t been used to connect to the underlying online service. This brings an additional layer of safety. However, it is worth noting that virgin private proxies are not focused on security or privacy, but in connectivity instead. They are a good solution for reliable connectivity. The majority of virgin proxies supported by SSLPrivateProxy are used by online marketing professionals, SEO experts and other users who need to connect to a specific online service in a safe way. Additionally, in most cases, virgin proxies are used in certain tools for the automation of specific tasks.

Special Use proxies available

The virgin proxies that SSLPrivateProxy offers are: Classified Ads proxies, Instagram proxies, Pokemom Go proxies and Private proxies. There is a variety of offers available and they extend to solutions for Shopping, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Ticketing. In general, these private proxies are used by professionals who want to connect to the one of those specific services. The way in which these proxies are used varies, but in most cases they serve online marketing purposes.

How can Virgin Private proxies be used

Let’s start with Social Media Proxies, which are solutions that focus on Instagram or Pinterest. These proxies are usually used to for management and automation of multiple social media accounts from the same server. Instagram proxies are used by marketers to manage several accounts, relying on social media automation tools. The reason why they need Instagram proxies in this case is that Instagram only allows up to 5 accounts per IP. With an Instagram proxy, marketers can increase the number of accounts they can manage, although it is still advisable to use different IPs for each Instagram account. Tools like MassPlanner or FollowLiker allow you to manage several accounts and to allocate social media proxies as needed.

Classified Ads websites can also be used in combination with a virgin private proxy. In this case, proxies are used by marketing professionals to get access to classified ads websites from a specific geographical area. SSLPrivateProxy has Classified Ads proxies for most states in the United States and it also offers solutions in Europe. This allows users to extend the coverage of their ads and get more exposure for their products and services. SSLPrivateProxy has servers in a variety of cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. They also cover major European cities like London, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Connecting to private proxies

All the private proxies that SSLPrivateProxy offers are HTTP/HTTPS proxies, which means that the data transfer is performed through HTTP/HTTPS protocol. Regardless of the way in which the private proxy is used, a user can route a specific application or the entire internet traffic through the private proxy. In addition, it is possible to choose how you want to divert traffic through the private proxy. You can allow authentication through Password Authentication, or you can choose to connect to your proxies through IP authentication. If you opt for this solution, you can select up to 5 IPs from which you can access the software using the private proxies allocated.


If you are looking for an option that supports private proxies for special use, SSLPrivateProxy is a reliable solution that has a top place in this area of the industry. Their virgin proxies can support a specific purpose to ensure that you can connect to the platform or website of your choice, without hassle. There are multiple servers available and for some virgin proxies, it is possible to select the location of each proxy. You also can decide if you want to connect to the proxies via password or IP authentication.

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