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Unlike most countries, where freedom of speech and browsing of internet are widely enjoyed by everybody, Algeria has been under the ban of writing, accessing and sending information that is considered to be a conflict to “public order”. Included in this law, is the total control of censorship of the internet by the Algerian Government. In fact, all internet service providers, (ISP) are required by the government to be responsible with all the content of all the websites they support. Some even say that even emails are being monitored. As this is the case, a lot of people tend to look for ways to be able to circumvent it to be able to enjoy browsing the internet.

One route most people went to was the usage of VPNs. Hence, finding a good VPN has become a necessity for most people in Algeria.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or commonly known as VPN is a tool where individuals or computers could communicate privately through the internet.

How Does VPN Work?

VPN ensures that its users enjoy privacy and security when browsing the internet. Through it, privacy is possible because VPNs does not collect nor keep any personal data including IP addresses and websites viewed by and of its users.

VPN providers ensures that the internet path or traffic you use are coded and IP leaks are avoided. Hence, you will not have to worry about privacy and security when using a VPN.

VPNs in Algeria

In Algeria, VPNs use remote servers to route all the data from the receiver before it gets to be sent. Through VPN no one will be able to access or monitor what the users are browsing or what the receiver and the sender are communicating about. Thus, privacy and security are observed when you use a VPN.

Legality of VPN use in Algeria

Though ISPs are required to monitor and control network content by the Algerian Government, VPN providers are allowed to offer services and VPNs are allowed to be used by anyone.

Free VPN Vs. Paid VPN

When choosing for a VPN, you will have an option to go for a paid subscription or free VPN access. Before deciding, here are the advantages and disadvantages and difference between a free and paid access.

Free VPN

Paid VPN

Has limited bandwidth and speed Unlimited bandwidth
Comes with strong encryption protocols offers worry-free and stongest encryption protocols
Offers Limited choice of server locations Offers unlimited choice of server locations
Has low level of security since it supports its services through advertisements High level of security and anonymity
keeps your logging for further usage Has a trial version before subscribing to a paid service and provides money back guarantee
Has no customer service or support team in case you encounter problems Has 24/7 customer and technical support

Features to Consider in Choosing a VPN

  1. IP Leak Protection – This feature provides additional level of security. It ensures that your IP address and identity are not disclosed nor exposed to anyone.

  2. Logs are kept private – Any activity you do online are kept private. IP addresses and websites visited are kept confidential as well.

  3. Military- grade encoding – This feature ensures all your data are encrypted by it 256 key. This key is a tool that keeps professional hackers away.

  4. Kill Switch – This feature is another security feature that ensures your IP address will not be identified.

Top VPNs in Algeria:


ExpressVPN provides one of the fastest speed internet connection and has about 99.99% uptime. This VPN offers up to 1500 different server networks from 94 plus countries and it comes with unlimited data and bandwidth, 5 tunneling 256- bit encryption protocols, it also allows up to 3 devices simultaneous connection and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Setting up of ExpressVPN:

  1. Go to tariff plans section

  2. Pick a plan that would suit your needs and subscribe

  3. Create an account and pay

  4. Download the app


NordVPN offers one of the best security services with it double encryption feature. The NordVPN includes unlimited speed and bandwidth, smartplay for unblocking streaming services, killswitch, it also allows up to 6 devices simultaneous connections and online customer service support. This VPN also offers free trial period.


CyberGhost VPN is one of the cheapest and one of the best VPNs offered in Algeria. It has about 900 servers around the world and has one of the fastest connections. It also offers one of the best security features through its double encryption system. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable VPN, CyberGhost is best for you.

Setting up CyberGhost

  1. Go to Pricing section and choose a plan that would suit your needs

  2. Fill out your payment details

  3. Create an account

  4. Download the app on your device

  5. Install file Cyber Ghost VPN through Setup Wizard of your device.


This VPN does not only offer VPN services but also offers CYPHR decoding messages. The VYprVPN is based in Switzerland and has about 700 servers all around the world. It also offers about 200,000 IPs, unlimited switching of server, unlimited bandwidth and has NAT- Firewall which ensures extra security.

Setting up VyprVPN

  1. Choose a plan- VYprVPN or VYprVPN Premium

  2. Fill out your details for subscription and payment/ billing information

  3. Download the app on your device


Through IPVanish, you could circumvent any censorship through its 100 servers located around the world. It provides its users privacy through its SHA-256-bit authentication and AES encryption and if you are not satisfied with its performance, it has a 7-day money back guarantee.


It is very unfortunate that not everyone could enjoy accessing the internet. One of the countries that blocks and censors some websites that contain information is Algeria. However, through VPN, unblocking and exploring any site could be possible. It is fortunate though that VPNs are allowed in Algeria, but choosing the right VPN is very important. Through this article we hope we are able to assist you in choosing the right one for you.

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