How does a corporate VPN work?

Virtual Private Network has gained popularity due to its ability to secure and protect online traffic from cyber threats like antimalware solutions. Though this is true with all VPNs, there are a few differences between services of personal VPNs compared to business or corporate VPNs. It has been noticed that corporate VPNs are required to withstand multiple blows as they would need to protect several devices simultaneously unlike personal VPNs which caters to individuals instead.

Through this article, we will get to learn what makes a good corporate VPN and how it works.

What is a corporate VPN?

A corporate VPN is used for organization wide security level. It is useful especially as most organizations rely heavily on cloud computing and/or cloud resources which needs a secured connection between its users and the system they are using. This means, it does not matter where the location of the employees is, as a corporate VPN has the ability to provide a secured environment – secured traffic, online activities, sensitive company information and personal data of all employees and the company itself.

How is corporate VPN different from a personal VPN?

There are numerous differences between a corporate VPN and a personal VPN and here are some of them:

  1. Number of users- corporate VPNs could handle multiple users simultaneously whereas personal VPN is for individual users.
  2. Deployment- installing a VPN service organization-wide is often done by an administrator while personal VPNs is handled like any other software.
  3. Quality of servers- as expected, corporate VPNs have powerful servers as they cater to huge number of users.
  4. Dedicated servers and dedicated IP addresses- personal VPN users share IP addresses and servers with other users. Corporate VPNs have a specific dedicated server solely for the company and has dedicated server addresses.
  5. Managing accounts- if you are using a personal VPN, you will be able to manage your account freely while corporate accounts are usually handled by system administrators.

Another difference that is important to mention here is that corporate VPNs tend to be slower than personal individual VPNs. This is due to the higher levels of military grade encryption and numerous users it has.

How could I use a corporate VPN?

Though this question is just as important, it is more suitable to ask when to use a corporate VPN? With the pandemic, nowadays, more and more employees work from home and with a wide geographical spread as well. These types of situations make the company’s network at risk and this is when we would say that you would need to have a corporate VPN.

Corporate VPNs create secured tunnel connections between you and a private secured server. This mentioned tunnel would keep your activities private and would provide you the ability to bypass privacy threats and risks.

For those who would want to set up a corporate VPN for their business, we highly recommend Private Internet Access and CyberGhost. Both of which are trust-worthy and reliable in terms of their corporate VPN services and security features.


1. What is the best corporate VPN?

We highly recommend Private Internet Access and CyberGhost. They provide and offer the best corporate VPN services.

2. How does a corporate VPN work?

Corporate VPNs work by supporting a wider range of users in one account and it also has dedicated IP and server support in a unified account management.

3. Could I access local printer while connected to a VPN

Yes, but take note that your VPN has to have a split tunneling feature which could whitelist several components of your local network.

4. Does Microsoft Edge have VPN?

Yes, Microsoft Edge is compatible with VPN but if it does not connect to your VPN, you will have to troubleshoot and fix it using some workarounds.

5. Why would a company VPN be slow?

This could be due to slow WiFi connection, outdated software/hardware and/or incorrect VPN configuration.


Nowadays when employees are forced to work from home or work remotely, we recommend that you consider having a corporate VPN. This way, you will be able to provide your employees access to your company’s resources without risking your network’s security and confidentiality.

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