OurMine Hacking Group Bring Down Pokémon for Charity

OurMine hacking group took credit for the last cyber-attack on Pokémon Go. The group claimed that it did the hack to help make the app more secure and less buggy.OurMine Hacking Group Bring Down Pokémon for Charity

OurMine attacked Pokémon Go’s login servers so hard that it was impossible for players to go online while playing the game. OurMine, a famous hacking group, claimed to launch the attack that caused the game’s online unavailability for the whole of last weekend. The hack came just a few days after a similar attack by Poodlecorp, another hacking group. OurMine claims that the recent hack was in response to the previous hack.

OurMine became famous after hacking into several celebrities’ Twitter accounts such as Jack Dorsey. After the attack, the hacking group hopes that the app’s developers will appreciate the fact that the app is not secure.

Ever since Pokémon Go was launched, it had some connectivity problems. The hack over the weekend was a display of severe connectivity issues and many users are having problems logging into the app. The connectivity problem could be the reason why the game has not been launched in so many countries. However, the app’s developers are working tirelessly to cope with the international interest in playing the game.

“You will not be able to play the game until Pokemon Go contacts us. We will teach them to protect the game,” the group claimed on its website. The attack was a way of trying to get the app’s developers to contact them.

According to another hacker affiliated to the group, the hack was launched immediately after Pokémon Go was attacked by Poodlecorp. The aim of the hack by OurMine was to help the minds behind Pokémon Go make the game stable and secure so that it would not be susceptible to future attacks.

OurMine is known to make money from vulnerability assessments. Once hired, the hackers to try breaking into corporate and other networks, and provide reports on their safety.

But this time, the group is not demanding any money from Pokémon Go. A representative of the group claimed, via a direct Twitter message, that they are not after money from Pokémon GO developers, OurMine “simply does not want other cyber-attacks on Pokémon Go servers.”

Now, the big question is what Pokémon Go is going to do about this attack. Are they going to cooperate with OurMine? When is the game going to be back online? We can only wait and see what will happen.

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