Yahoo Upgrades Security Features

Yahoo Reportedly Considering Laying Off Hundreds

Yahoo is looking towards the future of online security and getting ready to be a massive backer of encryption. Alex Stamos is the brand new chief information security officer at Yahoo and his first move of action will be to make encryption a large part of the Yahoo security scheme. Stamos is a widely known supporter of encryption and is wasting no time in taking Yahoo into this stratosphere. Encryption will now be implemented into many Yahoo products right away.

Government Snooping

In the past, Yahoo had taken a very laid back approach to encryption and many believe this led to the influx of government spying that occurred in recent years. Stamos has made it known that protecting chat users from surveillance is completely within the realm of possibility of Yahoo. The chief information security officer at yahoo is also making it clear that people are no longer freely trusting you with data.

The main security change that Yahoo is looking to implement deals directly with the largest problem, which is Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger has been under major scrutiny after the revelation that it was not encrypted and was vulnerable for almost ten years. This has resulted in a new and improved version of Yahoo Messenger that will be released shortly. You can be sure that encryption will be a vital part of eth newer version.

What Changes Have Been Made?

The encryption changes at Yahoo have been far reaching. All traffic from Yahoo data centers has been encrypted and now encryption is regulated by Yahoo. Now that encryption is a part of protocol, Stamos feels that things are running more smoothly for Yahoo on the security side. Encryption is slowly being worked into all Yahoo properties to help tapper off security concerns.

Other changes that Yahoo will be looking to make involving encryption include manual features and mobile sites. Now online users will have the ability to manually use encryption on popular sites including Yahoo News, Yahoo sports and Yahoo Finance. Mobile encryption is more difficult to achieve, because of third-party installers, but Yahoo is making mobile encryption a future priority.

Big Effects for Yahoo

Yahoo believes that making these small encryption changes can pay huge dividends for the company as a whole. Even minor improvements will help to improve the entire company and increase user satisfaction and safety.

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